Avenger B6029X 9.5′ Wind Up Stand


The Avenger B6029X 9.5′ Wind Up Stand 30 with Low Base and Braked Wheels is a heavy duty, chrome-plated and stainless steel stand with braking wheels, a geared, cranking riser and two standard sliding risers. It has a 1 1/8″ female receiver and can support 176 lb.

  • Stainless Steel Components for All Weather Situations
  • Leveling Leg with Rapid Adjustment Device (Patented)
  • Wind Bracing Ring for Ensuring Stand
  • Stand’s Top Attachment: 1 1/8″ for heavy duty application
  • Gravity Casting Components: excludes any possibility of air bubbles seeping into the casting
  • Third Internal Safety Cable
  • Transmission Box Components: all made of carbo-nitrided casehardened steel for improved wear resistance
  • Footrest for easy access to top section
  • Mono Steel Brace for extra strong rigidity and durability
  • New Foam Fill Wheels (braked) ideal for all terrains and sharp objects.

Avenger B6029X 9.5′ Wind Up Stand Specifications:

Construction Chrome-plated steel, stainless steel
Minimum Height 4.6′ (1.4 m)
Maximum Height 9.51′ (2.9 m)
Risers 3 Risers (1 geared, cranking), 4 sections
Closed Length 5′ (1.56 m)
Column Diameter 70 / 60 / 50
Footprint Diameter 4.26′ (1.3 m)
Accepts Wheels Included
Air Cushioned No
Attachment Size 1 1/8″ female receiver
Maximum Load 176.37 lb (80 kg)
Weight 74.96 lb (34 kg)