Briese 140 (4.6’) Parabolic Focus Reflector Kit


Briese lights provide excellent light for beauty, portraiture, groups and more. The unqiue design of the light itself, combine with the parabolic reflector create a gorgeous, focusable, soft light source with a very natural fall off. Briese lights are quite popular for high end fashion, beauty, music videos and commercial shoots. The included Briese Profoto adapter supplies up to 2400WS of power with a 300w modeling light.

Briese Focus.2 140 Parabolic Reflector
Briese focus tube
Briesse 2400ws flashtube (w/ 300w modeling lamp)
Briese Profoto head adapter
2 Briese Standard diffusion screens
Briese mounting collar
Briese breakdown plunger
Briese Focus.2 140 carrying case

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