Phase One IQ160


Phase One’s IQ1 series digital backs will help put you at the cutting edge of digital photography. All IQ1 digital backs come with a 3.2″ touch screen offering intuitive image control and sophisticated analysis tools at your fingertips. The IQ1 series digital backs all feature fast and futureproof connectivity through FireWire800 and USB3 connections.

Full frame 645 format captures with amazing 60 megapixel resolution and a wide dynamic range makes the Phase One IQ160 a perfect choice for demanding photographers.

World leading image quality

Realize your vision. The IQ1 series digital camera backs are some of the world’s most powerful commercial photographic capture devices. With up to 80 megapixel resolution, 12.5 f-stops extreme dynamic range and Capture One, the world’s leading RAW converter, the IQ1 series digital camera backs deliver superior image quality for the world’s leading photographers.

High speed – non stop

The IQ1 series digital camera backs permit continuous image capture, limited only by the capacity of the capture media. Built for high performance now and in the future, the IQ1 series are the first digital backs to feature a USB3 connection. The IQ1 series backs also feature a fast FireWire 800 connection and the fastest CompactFlash interface of any SLR type camera today – ensuring you get high quality captures faster.

Full control at your fingertips

Stay in control. Whether you need to adjust capture settings, check focus or exposure in your captures, the features of the IQ1 series digital camera backs are readily available at your fingertips. The all-new 3.2 inches touch screen complements the intuitive Phase One 4-button navigation and gives you easy access to the powerful features of IQ1 series digital camera backs.

Ultimate reliability

Rely on the IQ1 series digital camera backs to help you get your jobs done. The highly durable build quality is designed and tested to work in the toughest environments, including extreme heat, cold and humidity. With superior service and support from Phase One, you are ensured unparalleled reliability that lets you stay focused on photography.

Kit Rate: $650

  • Lens
  • Body (645 DF +)
  • Battery
  • Charger