Redrock Micro Follow Focus


This bundle is compatible with most video DSLRs including the Nikon D800 and Canon 60D, 7D, 5D Mark II,5D Mark III, and can be adapted for use with full size DSLRs such as the Canon 1D MKIV** and Nikon D4**.

The Micro Follow Focus is a new generation of professional-quality affordable focus unit that leads the way in price/performance. The microFollowFocus is the “little brother” to the microFollowFocus | blue that delivers the same performance and many of the same features as the microFollowFocus | blue, but at a more economical price point. The Redrock Micro Follow Focus incorporates new designs and technologies to deliver an incredibly solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus ideal for any level of production.

The Redrock Micro Follow Focus can be used with both still lenses (with proper gearing such as our microLensGears) and cinema lenses. Performance is the most critical aspect of any follow focus unit. At the heart of the microFollowFocus is a Redrock custom designed and manufactured gearbox that produces exceptionally smooth, backlash-free focus pulls. The microFollowFocus’unique backlash adjustments allow you to dial in exactly the feel and performance you want.

The Redrock Micro Follow Focus builds on the best of the award-winning innovations from the microFollowFocus v2, including adjustable drive gear position, standard arri accessory port, and large precision-machined focus wheel. Building on this solid foundation, the Redrock Micro Follow Focus adds a refined slim design, reinforced focus indicator, flippable gearbox, all-metal machined accessory port, and the custom Redrock gearbox.

Features and Benefits

    • Redrock-designed custom gears and gearbox for outstanding play-free performance.
    • Reinforced focus indicator – all-new machined focus indicator shows where you are focused at all times.
    • Machined rod clamp – single knob tighten/loosen for 15mm. Can be used with 19mm rods with microOmniMount accessory (sold separately).
    • Adjustable backlash – Ensures top performance now and into the future.
    • All-aluminum precision machined construction, inside and out.
    • Comes standard with 0.8 film pitch drive gear, with options for Fujinon and Canon drive gears.
    • White marking disk – for marking your focus points, and is completely cleanable.
    • Industry-standard, all-metal machined accessory port for adding focus whip or speed crank as needed.
    • Kung Fu rubberized handgrip eliminates hand slips
    • Flippable gearbox that positions the drive gear front or rear for support short lenses