Redrock Shouldermount Rig


The Field Cinema Shouldermount Rig for the Panasonic AF100 cameras is the perfect lightweight rig for shouldermount and tripod work using these fantastic digital cinema cameras from Panasonic.

The Redrock Shouldermount Rig AF100 is an extremely stable setup for solid shots and comfortable all-day shooting. The Bulk of the camera’s weight rests on your shoulder, and counterbalance ensures the weight is balanced to keep stress off your arms (you can even use your battery as all or part of the counterbalance.)

You can quickly place and remove the rig on a tripod using the integrated dovetail on the bottom of the shoulderpad, an innovative and unique Redrock Shouldermount Rig feature.

This Redrock Shouldermount Rig bundle is compatible with most video DSLRs including the Nikon D800 and Canon 60D, 7D, 5D Mark II,5D Mark III, and can be adapted for use with full size DSLRs such as the Canon 1D MKIV** and Nikon D4**.

Included with Redrock Shouldermount Rig:

  • microShoulderPad with FieldTech™
  • 1 8″ Handlebar Rod
  • 1 4″ Handlebar Rod
  • 1 Handlebar Clamp
  • 1 microBalance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter (Ready for your choice of counterbalance)
  • 1 microSupportBaseplate (Low Riser Edition)
  • 2 microHandGrips
  • 1 microMount with spud (for mounting external monitor)
  • Choice of 18″ 15mm Carbon Fiber or Stainless Steel Rails
  • Choice of microFollowFocus or microFollowFocus | blue focus unit
  • Choice of counterbalance (4lb Weight Kit, 6lb Weight Kit, or V-Mount Battery Plate)

Camera, lens, and third party accessories pictured are not included with this product