Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170 Wheelbase


Mercedes Benz Sprinter Rental Miami Beach: Unique to Miami Daylight Studios is the one of a kind Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fleet of customized vehicles made specifically for location productions. The vehicle offers full standing room and is complete with front rotating seats, makeup stations, RV grade autonomous air conditioning, ports for electric and electronic devices such as irons, steamers, computers, cell phones, etc; rolling racks, separate grip and gear compartments with folding shelves and equipment racks. The vehicle is suited for a large still or small to medium sized video production set and comfortably transports up to 7 people. Additionally, the Sprinter boasts a fully automated wind load adjustable awning for the convenience of the production crew while on site. The vehicle is unique in that it can be parked in a regular parking space without a permit and does not require an external generator for power. It goes without saying that all of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles have GPS navigation and Satellite radio/iPhone Docks to make the crew member experience as hassle-free and pleasant as possible. Deals available for Sprinter and gear packages.


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